Eating Oysters Only in Months That End in “R”?

In your many years of oyster eating you may have heard that you should only eat oysters in months that end in the letter “R”. This of course takes the summer months from May to August off the table, which is a shame because this is prime oyster eating time. (But really, when is it not a good time to eat oysters?) So is this true? Should you really only eat oysters in months that end in “R”?

Don’t fret, the truth is that you can eat oysters at any time of year and they’ll be just as good and safe to eat. The line of thinking for this advice comes from the days before refrigeration, when oysters were quick to spoil in the warm summer months. In addition, toxins that could make oysters sick find their way into the food chain quicker in the summer. Summer is also breeding time for oysters, so it was thought that they would be less succulent after having used up all their energy to spawn.

Nowadays, we have refrigeration (and the internet), which means we can keep our oysters cold and look up the truth behind outlandish statements that claim you shouldn’t eat oysters in the summer. Any oysters you buy commercially, whether at the store or at a restaurant, are inspected for quality and come from commercial oyster farms that use safeguards to prevent their oysters from becoming sick. The only time this statement applies is if you yourself go out and catch oysters in warm months, because you can’t verify that they’re safe to eat. Otherwise, eat oysters to your heart’s content. We’d even go so far as to say that you should only eat oysters in days that end in “Y”.


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