Three Interesting Facts About Sushi from Catonsville Gourmet

To start off the New Year, here’s some interesting trivia about one of our favorite foods here at Catonsville Gourmet: sushi. We offer gourmet sushi at our raw bar, where you can get your hands on some of the best sushi in Catonsville. Notice how we said hands? That’s right, traditionally, sushi was eaten with your hands, not chopsticks. Chopsticks were an American adaptation of the sushi tradition. Want to learn more? Keep on reading!

Sushi Facts

Tuna isn’t a traditionally consumed fish.

Here’s another American addition to the sushi tradition: tuna. Tuna is very popular in rolls in the US, but in Japan, tuna is not a commonly found find in sushi. The Japanese prefer whitefish like halibut or snapper. Octopus is also very popular. Salmon is another American contribution to sushi. That Philadelphia roll is as American as the Liberty Bell.

Wasabi is usually not wasabi.

Wasabi. Who doesn’t love that hot and invigorating flavor that just a dab adds to your sushi roll? But interestingly enough, the wasabi you put on your roll is probably not wasabi. Real wasabi comes from a root that is hard to grow and hard to package. So real wasabi is in short supply and thus, expensive. Most of the wasabi you eat is a combination of horseradish (a wasabi relative) and mustard.

The best fish is a few days old.

You know that savory taste that raw fish has? You wouldn’t get it if the fish had been caught that day. This is because it takes a couple of days for the fish to achieve this flavor. Enzymes in the fish break down the muscle over the course of these few days, which gives it this unique flavor. And don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the fish is unsafe to eat. Fish is frozen with liquid nitrogen for transport, which prevents bacteria from growing while keeping the meat intact.

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Join us at Catonsville Gourmet for delicious sushi right here in Catonsville!

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