The Chesapeake Bay May be Short on Crabs, but Catonsville Gourmet is Not

According to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the latest survey of the Chesapeake Bay revealed the crab population is the lowest it has been in over 5 years, 300 million. This number is nearly two-thirds what it was just a year ago. And while the number of  mature female crabs actually increased from 2012, the number of juvenile crabs has fallen by 80%.

“The bay’s blue crab population varies naturally,” explained Tom O’Connell, DNR’s fisheries director. “Weather conditions, an increase in predators or other natural occurrences can affect the crab stock.”

Don’t worry! Natural Resources Secretary John R. Griffin expressed his confidence in Maryland’s ability, with cooperation from Virginia, to sustain the population. The first step taken occurred in mid-April when Maryland officials announced that they would tighten catch limits in 2013. Officials plan to reduce the female catch by 10% this year as a precaution, given the poor reproduction in 2012 and loss of so many juveniles. This unpopular decision is necessary in order to ensure the crab population rebounds in 2014.

Maryland and Virginia took similar steps five years ago, when the crab population was in a similar decline. The crab population rebounded after that and officials are hoping for similar results this time around.

The Chesapeake Bay May be Short on Crabs, but Catonsville Gourmet is Not

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Crab Cake Baltimore

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